Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wild Kingdom.....it's for the birds!

So....my cocktail corner friends, mental and tsannie, did a post re the birds they are attracting to their yard...la, la, la, so I decided OK,  fine,  I'll put something up in my yard and see how it goes.  So, off to the store I go...got the Shepard's hook, a hanging feeder, a sock full of seeds, a window feeder and bird food that I can eat as trail mix in a pinch.  

At first, I thought oh how sweet...
look at the little birdies, aren't they cute

Then...wait what's that big fat furry tail hanging upside down from the feeder... squirrels!!  How do they get up there? Well apparently, those lovely creatures have the ability to jump 4 feet from the ground 
and 8 feet from a roof or wall.
Why do I know this information?
Anyway, I spent the majority of the past 3 days chasing and screaming at the squirrels to leave...like they could understand~~most of the time the squirrels would saunter up the hill and look at me like "WTF lady, you put it out there...someone gots to eat it"~~that's squirrel speak...Did you know that squirrels must eat constantly or their teeth will over power their head? (speaking of teeth, check out Noble Pig today...hmmm, I'm just sayin')
...more useless information...

Back to the store I went....apparently, I am a baffoon....
these bird feeders also require a squirrel baffler..
the baffler is designed to make it impossible for the squirrel to get to your feeder

...Ahhhh, doesn't seem to be working all that well..
I tried to get a picture of the squirrels however, they all ran off 
and all I was left with was this..ewwwww


...I'm just sayin'



Oh my! That is just too damn much work for me. Not a bird fan anyway, so why don't you help out the squirrels with their teeth filing? Let 'em eat! Birds are messy anyway.;) Nice feeders, though.

TSannie said...

Damn squirrels here in cocktail corner are too damn smart. Hmmm...maybe we should put out little saucers of wine for them...then they'd be too tipsy to stay on the feeders!

Mental P Mama said...

That's not a worm is it?????

Asthmagirl said...

I think Annie is on to something... The first round is on me.
The squirrels here are always taunting the Chihuahuas. If the dogs are going nuts, you can bet there's squirrels on the fence running back and forth!