Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ABC Wednesday's ABC Wednesday!!!
Ok boys and girls, the letter for today is....
(drum roll please!!) 

Sydney you will be missed


Spaghetti Squash

Shrimp and...

(while I stayed @ my brother's home when my 
dad was in the hospital, I had to entertain myself, 
so I decided to adorn his Ficus tree with a few 
of his daughter's things...tee hee) 
Click on photo and see what you can find????


Mental P Mama said...



You are a piss, aren't you? I love the tree decorations. I bet you did a couple of other things when you were bored. You just seem like the mischievous one.

TSannie said...

You are DANGEROUS when bored!


Petunia said...

great S post...

Petunia's ABC

Asthmagirl said...

Simply Stellar!

Ida said...

Love the silly shot.
Charming. ;)

mrsnesbitt said...

Awesome, yet so entertaining!

Powell River Books said...

Shennanigans is a great shot. You must like having lots of fun. I invite you to come see my stump pictures. -- Margy

Jules said...

I am so honored to have you visit me and actually look/read the stuff I rant about...thank you.....

MPM: oxoxox

WM: you remind me allot of me;)

TSA: you know me best:)

Petunia: Ha! loved your ABC'S too...hope to see you soon...LOL

Asthmagirl: MPM and TSA love you and so shall I :)

Ida: Tried to leave a comment...Thanks for the visit...yea I am is too short not to be:)

mrsnesbitt: This has been so much fun I will pass it on:)

Powell River: If you can't have shennanigan's in your life, what's the point:)

noble pig said...

You are full of silly and shenanigans.

Daryl said...

Oh yum ..

I will miss Mr Lumet, he was such a mensch


Anonymous said...

LOL simply silly!!