Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Very Important Letter V!

Yes, class welcome once again to ABC Wednesday
brought to you in part by the ever so clever Mrs. Nesbitt!
Today's topic is the letter


V begins several worthy word...
I just didn't know where to begin.
You see on occasion...

I have been known to Vacillate,
I am partial to V-necks,
I have been to Hawaii to see the Volcano's,
My home is rarely Vacant,
I tend to gravitate towards Vagabonds,
I have never been to Vail,
I have been Vaccinated,
I won't blog about my Va-gi-gi,
I think that would be Vulgar,
My explanations will sometimes be Vague,
I love homemade Valentines,
I secretely wish I had more Va, Va, Va, Voom,
And I deperately need a Vacation,
Oh, and did I mention that my maiden name begins with V...
so, I was always at the end of the line.

So, today I will share a very hip, California-esque,
V that sometimes adorns my 6 year olds feet....

Van's Very Cool Shoes


Anonymous said...

Give me a V dot the I curve the C T O R Y ~ remember that cheer?

Mental P Mama said...

S Very Versatile you are Miss V!

TSannie said...

very very va-va-va-voom!

A most excellent contribution!


noble pig said...

I didn't realize V had so many awesome things associated with's underrated.

Daryl said...

Very Versatile Vibrant and Vivacious the former Ms V is!



We love Vans in our house too! My daughter just bought some pink ones.

Debbie said...

Very clever V day!

Voutstanding Vob!!!

Catherine said...

Nice idea to illustrate "V"