Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Note From The Swimming Pool...



*****haven's main pool and diving pool have been shut down due to bodily foreign matter deposited in the pools.

State protocol dictates the pools to be shut down for 24 hours, therefore it will re-open @ 1:00 p.m. tomorrow.

We apologize for any inconvenience.



i'm just sayin'!


Treasia said...

Eww nasty. Wonder who the culprit was?

Kareer Woman said...

Oh, that's disgusting! lol Time to put a pool in the backyard :)

noble pig said...

Even though we have a pool my kids always want to go to the city pool because they have a water slide, but their is always a TURD DROPPER who ruins the fun. It is so disgusting.

Mental P Mama said...


TSannie said...

Thank GOD I gave up swimming in THAT pool years ago! Hmmm...probably about the time my kids were babies prone to that very same thing. Just gross!

P.S. - When I was a lifeguard at our city pool during my high school summers, we had something we put in the water so whenever a kid peed, this chemical turned his/her pee to a bright pink. Believe me, no kid did that more than once! Humiliation is a great motivator!

Debbie said...

Thank God they found it! What if you'd come upon it unknowingly...oh eew, yuck, vomit!