Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hello Wall...

This was the opening act for a one woman show called Shirley Valentine... A middle aged woman in England who has realized that at this juncture of her life it's really not what she expected...her daily routine, her invisible exsistance to her husband, her children and the monatony of it all...
This opening act just sums it up.

(Pauline Collins in the movie version)


Where's my lunch?
Where's my f**king lunch?
Big big tears
By the bright blue sea
As deep as forever
Oh Shirley, Shirley Valentine
If only mother found
What you found
I wouldn't be here, dreaming
Salutations dear listener
This is a comedy in three acts
Breakfast, lunch and tea
And they better not be late
Here he comes
Through the bordello doors
I kowtow to my pimp
I'm a good little whore
Hello wall
Nice to see you wall
Good day at the office wall
Your dinner's on the floor darling
And scrape me off the ceiling
Well I'm a mercenary wife
Where it complies
I compromise
I only wear this skin
'Cos I sinned in m'past life
I want war
And you want me
I want war
And you want breakfast, lunch and tea
On stage please, on stage, thank you.
Sweat drips off my brow
I know my lines, my moves
My place in life
And it's ticking away
I'm not going on tonight
That insecure feeling
A void of nothing-ness
I'm dripping away
Well I'm a mercenary wife
I want what money buys
I only wear this skin
Cos I sinned in m'past life
I want war
And you want me
I want war
And you want breakfast, lunch and tea 

Did you every have one of those aha moments.......This was a great one woman play and movie.  
I would highly recommend seeing it should it hit the circuit again.  
The movie is available on Amazon.


Debbie said...

Been there done that and no more! I love your flower pictures and even more Annie's photo of you girls boo hooing!!

noble pig said...

Okay I liked that.

Mental P Mama said...

Brava, Jules, brava!

TSannie said...

One of the very best movies - and plays - I've ever seen. Get it! Watch it! Fall in love with it!

Country Girl said...

I loved that movie! Loved the way she was always talking to the camera.

Kareer Woman said...

Enjoyed the post!

Kelly said...

I have never seen nor heard of this movie, but I'd love to get it! Is Willcox only available on Amazon? Where did you see the play? Sounds very familiar to me.....Let me know if you don't mind! It's funny, you listed It's a wonderful life and miracle on 34th street and one other movie as your favorite, which I too had listed... I guess we have a bit in common! Have a great weekend!! Kelly

Sorry, didn't comment on your photo, which was very good indeed!!

Kelly said...


Thanks for writing me back with the information on Willcox. I appreciate it. I just cant' get over how much we do have in's so bizarre...

Did your trip to Germany take you there to see family or just an over-seas family trip? Judging on how much we do have in commmon, if you've traveled all over Europe etc... that won't suprise me either!

Anyway, thanks again for wrting me back. I really enjoy your blog, keep writing and I'll keep reading. Have a good rest of the weekend!

Kelly :)