Friday, April 18, 2008

A Week in Review.......

This week started out with an overnight stay at the spa with my W-chester gal pals…what a blast….we were buffed and puffed and found our inner core through a series of treatments, yoga and pilates classes. I loved the Pilates…at my age I really need to focus on the inner core 
to combat the muffin top that keeps popping out!
(Google image)

Following a fine meal we headed back to our rooms to play 
a game of sex trivia….

Jeeze, there is so much I need to learn!
(courtesy of Uncommon—v-cool stuff!)

After 24 hours of shuffling around in a fluffy white robe and flip flops, 
it was back to reality…. my daughter and I 
embarked on a quick college tour... 
(daughter: “this is my spring break…do you get it, break, like I need a break!” 
mother: “fine, the community college in town is fine by me”)….GRRRRRRR!
6 schools, 3 days, 3 cities, 700 miles, 2 hotel rooms, 
and a few yummy road food meals…later! 
She could see herself attending 2 of the 6 schools☺

Since my little darling wasn’t too keen on the college tour scene, I suggested a little retail therapy to calm the nerves……during the course of perusing the shops in the mall, we stumbled upon this vending machine…this is a first for me…I mean really, whoever thought you can get your zit cream from a vending machine!

I’m just sayin’…All this in one week….I think I need to visit the spa again.


Mental P Mama said...

That Proactiv machine is the bomb.

Melinda Zook said...

You are so freakin lucky. A spa trip....ah, I can only dream.

Lucky you for getting to tour colleges. I am coming up on my 10 year reunion and will be heading back to spend some time there. I really miss campus.

As for zit cream in a vending machine...whoa. Are they right next to the candy bars that some people say cause the zits?

Jules said...

MZ you are too funny...I think it was next to the viagra dispenser!